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One-on-One Therapy

Healthcare is changing constantly with new technology and new treatment techniques. However, one thing that should stay the same is healthcare workers providing one-on-one care to help patients achieve the best outcomes.

At Vida Therapy Group, we pride ourselves on providing excellent care and being hands-on with every case to ensure progress is made with your therapy goals at every therapy session. Some outpatient therapy centers will have you do a list of exercises without direct supervision or with an un-licensed employee. Sometimes they may treat you along with multiple other patients at once.

We will not do that at our center. Our experienced and friendly licensed therapists will be at your side throughout your session, giving you instructions and feedback so you get the most out of your time during your therapy session.

Call, text, email, or visit us today to find out about the physical therapy and occupational therapy services we provide and how we can help you or your family member.

Phone #: 575-283-0200 (call or text)

Email: 122 S Gold Ave Suite A

Deming, NM 88030


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