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Choose Your Own Therapy Provider

When it comes to your healthcare, you are the best person to advocate for your own care. This is why it is your right to choose where and from whom you get healthcare treatment.

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You have the right to choose your own therapy provider, meaning which physical therapist or occupational therapist provides care to you for your current problems. This is even true if your doctor has recommended a different therapy provider. You have the right to take your printed therapy order to the facility you trust most.

What Else Should You Look For?

Choose a therapist that is best skilled to treat your condition. The American Physical Therapy Association and The American Occupational Therapy Association both have board certifications for therapists that have additional training on specific areas. This helps patients identify therapists that they can trust to get good outcomes.

Also, the Hand Therapy Certification Commission certifies Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists as "Certified Hand Therapists" aka CHT. CHT's are proficient in the treatment of disorders involving the Shoulder, Arm, and Hand. There are only 7,356 CHT's in the World.

Learn more about CHT's here: The CHT Credential (

What About Vida Therapy?

Vida Therapy Group has a board-certified hand therapist in Deming New Mexico providing results for individuals after surgery as well as non-surgical cases for shoulder, arm, and hand conditions of all kinds.

Call us today to get more information about our clinic or to set up a time to tour our clinic and meet our staff.

Call or Text: 575-283-0200

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