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Orange and Green leave with text Vida Therapy Group Healthy Aging

Our Healthy Aging Program
helps increase independence
with daily life and to find ways to
continue to enjoy life.

  • Help to Continue with Daily Tasks:

    • Cooking and Meal Prep​

    • Dressing

    • Grooming / Hygiene

    • Home Chores / Cleaning

A  man and woman smiling mixing ingredients in a bowl in a kitchen
A woman helping a man with paperwork at a table
  • Difficulties Related to:

    • Home Tasks

    • Finances

    • Managing Household

    • Shopping

    • Mobility and Transfers

  • Strengthening Programs

  • Increase Endurance with Desired Activities

  • Appropriate Exercises for Any Age

Healthcare worker watching a man lift weights with both arms in front of his body
Lady sitting at table helping older lady in wheelchair do crafts
  • Continue to enjoy crafts

  • Social Participation

  • Community Volunteer Work

  • Continued Religious Activities

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